Services are based upon state-of-the-art recordings made in good acoustic conditions, and productions range from solo piano to large symphony orchestra projects.

Recording session - KB Hallen - Feb. 20, 2020 - Photo by DUO
Photo by DUO

Recordings can be made in high-resolution format (DXD) and surround sound with a maximum of 56 channels.

Photo by Marcus Lundgren

I wish to create a safe environment of mutual trust and respect that helps the artist to focus on creativity and performance.

Offering both engineering and musical expertise, I provide an extra set of ears in the control room, while recording and following the musical score.

All recording equipment is portable and has been used in various parts of Denmark and Sweden.

I have the capability to produce 3D recordings (Auro 9.1) and seek clients who share this interest.


The recorded sound quality has improved considerably over the last decade, and powerful editing and mixing tools promise increased artistic freedom and new opportunities for musicians and composers.

My post-production work is driven by the desire to make a difference and I enjoy collaborating with clients to improve the musical results. I work hard on every detail, and on every project, to make the best possible first edit.

During the subsequent stages of the production process clients can listen on B&W D3 speakers in the studio.


Offers can include mastering of the final mix and delivery of audio files to a record label.


Due to combination of traditional roles, clients are provided with a single point of contact and seamless service throughout the entire production process.


Low costs and fixed prices secure affordable productions and better value for money.

All offers are fixed prices including all services except transport beyond Copenhagen. The services do not include other project costs, such as location fees, the piano technician’s salary and costs and fees to recording companies.