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We offer top-tier music production services for our clients. At 3C Sound Studio, we provide expert guidance and support to help artists achieve their musical goals.


Creativity, Collaboration, and Clarity


Acoustic Music Recording

Capturing the pure, natural sound of live instruments from orchestra, chamber Music and solo instruments, ensuring every detail is heard. Ideal for artists seeking precision and depth in their recordings



Polishes your classical recordings to perfection, ensuring optimal sound quality and consistency across all playback systems. Elevate your music with a professional finish that captures every nuance



Enchances your classical recording with expert editing, mixing. We ensure your music achieves its highest potential with impeccable clarity and balance


Dolby Atmos

Brings you a new dimension to your classical recordings, creating an immersive three-dimensional audio experience. Enhance your music with unparalleled depth and spatial clarity for a truly captivating listening journey


Creative Harmony

3C Sound is determined to broaden musical horizons and to ensure a constant focus on both sonic quality and creative cooperation

Standout Features

Unlock Your Music Potential with 3C Sound

Creative Collaborations

Experience seamless creative collaborations at 3C Sound Studio. Our team synergizes with artists to bring out the best in every project, ensuring a unique and memorable musical journey.

Pro Quality

Elevate your music with pro-quality production at 3C Sound Studio. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced engineers guarantee a professional sound that stands out in the industry.

Personalized Support

Receive personalized support at 3C Sound Studio. Our dedicated staff works closely with you to understand your vision, offering tailored guidance every step of the way to make your music dreams a reality.




Awards & Accreditations

We pride ourselves on our numerous awards and accreditations, showcasing our commitment to excellence in the music industry.

Else Marie Pade: The Orchestral Album, Joachim Gustafsson, Malmö Operaorkester

  • Recording of the year 

Producer, Recording Engineer
P2 Prisen 2023

BEETHOVEN: Complete Symphonies, Adam Fischer, Danish Chamber Orchestra

  • Sinfonische Einspielung Symphonic Recording of the the year 

Recording Engineer

BEETHOVEN: Complete Symphonies, Adam Fischer, Danish Chamber Orchestra

  • Recording of the year
  • Symphonic Music

Recording Engineer
International Classical Music Awards 2020

TOWER: Stroke - Violin Concerto - Chamber Dance, Giancarlo Guerrero, Nashville Symphony

  • Best Contemporary Classical Composition

Grammy nomination, Mix Engineer

58th Grammy Awards


Featured Music Productions

Explore our exceptional music productions showcasing our dedication to quality and creativity. From contemporary hits to classical masterpieces, our diverse portfolio exemplifies the talent and passion behind every project.


3C Sound

3C Sound - your go-to destination for recording acoustic music. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert engineers are here to help bring your musical vision to life

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